At BODHI SOURCE, we believe that every natural gemstone holds unique energy and stories. Among them, obsidian and cinnabar are particularly special, representing the core values of our brand as gifts from nature.



Obsidian, known as "black gold," has long been considered a protective and purifying stone. Formed from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava, it embodies the earth's deep-seated strength and passion. The deep black sheen of obsidian is like nature's eye, silently guarding the wearer's spirit. BODHI SOURCE selects high-quality obsidian to craft a distinctive range of jewelry, aiming to harness its energy to help you fend off negative emotions, release inner stress, and find peace and strength within.



Cinnabar, on the other hand, is an ancient and mystical mineral, revered as a symbol of good fortune and longevity. In ancient China, cinnabar was widely used in Taoist alchemy for its powerful protective and blessing properties. The bright red color of cinnabar not only symbolizes vitality and energy but also represents the aspiration for a beautiful life. BODHI SOURCE combines natural cinnabar with modern design to create pieces that are both traditionally rich and fashion-forward, hoping to bring you luck and health while inspiring your inner passion and creativity.

Every piece of obsidian and cinnabar jewelry from BODHI SOURCE is meticulously selected and handcrafted to ensure that each gemstone can showcase its purest beauty and energy. We believe that through these gifts from nature, you can not only feel the positive energy they bring but also find solace and balance in your daily life.

At BODHI SOURCE, we offer more than just beautiful jewelry; we convey a lifestyle rooted in nature and returning to inner peace. Let obsidian and cinnabar become part of your life, accompanying you through every moment filled with challenges and opportunities, and helping you discover your inner strength and wisdom.

BODHI SOURCE, derived from nature, returning to inner peace and wisdom.